will see, what next (2017 version).


-save the power button, save the world-

SoftPower will safe your physical power button of your android device. How? don’t use it.😂 Instead of push power button, with SoftPower, we use Search button or notification icon to turn screen OFF(and lock) and use proximity sensor changing to turn screen ON.


  • on,off screen without touch physical power button
  • turn off screen from search button
  • turn off screen from notification
  • turn on screen by rub on proxmity sensor
  • lock or unlock screen when turn on


sp screen1 sp screen2 sp screen3 sp screen4


sp qr


  • Proximity sensor on device is required for Turn ON function to work.
  • To uninstall, do this first. Settings-> Locations & Security(or Security in ICS)-> Device Administrators then uncheck SoftPower.

Recent Change:

  • 1.08 - add notification icon color
  • 1.07 - separate Turn ON/OFF option, Turn On service can select to start with notification or not.
  • 1.06 - change the way service starting to prevent service be killed by system in low memory situation.
  • 1.05 - add Test sensor screen so user can test proximity sensor, add about screen.
  • 1.04 - add option to lock or unlock when turn screen on
  • 1.03 - bug fix, screen did not turn ON on some mobile.(galaxy3, lg optimus, htc desire)
  • 1.02 - bug fix
  • 1.01 - add notification bar turn OFF for device that doesn’t has search button


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