– save the power button, save the world –

SoftPower will safe your physical power button of your android device. How? don’t use it.:) Instead of push power button, with SoftPower, we use Search button or notification icon to turn screen OFF(and lock) and use proximity sensor changing to turn screen ON.


  • on,off screen without touch physical power button
  • turn off screen from search button
  • turn off screen from notification
  • turn on screen by rub on proxmity sensor
  • lock or unlock screen when turn on


















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  • Proximity sensor on device is required for Turn ON function to work.
  • To uninstall, do this first. Settings-> Locations & Security(or Security in ICS)-> Device Administrators then uncheck SoftPower.

Recent Change:

  • 1.07 – separate Turn ON/OFF option, Turn On service can select to start with notification or not.
  • 1.06 – change the way service starting to prevent service be killed by system in low memory situation.
  • 1.05 – add Test sensor screen so user can test proximity sensor, add about screen.
  • 1.04 – add option to lock or unlock when turn screen on
  • 1.03 – bug fix, screen did not turn ON on some mobile.(galaxy3, lg optimus, htc desire)
  • 1.02 – bug fix
  • 1.01 – add notification bar turn OFF for device that doesn’t has search button

19 thoughts on “SoftPower

  1. Hi,
    Nice and useful apk. But when I updated jellybean to KitKat, the turn-off icon disappear after a while from notification bar. Any solution? Thank you!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I will update the app to add option for change notification icon but give me a time to create graphic file 🙂

  3. Hi there !

    I love your app !!!

    But I have one little ‘problem’ :
    Since I have everything changed into black and white on my homescreen, it would be great, if it would be possible if one could change the colour of the icon of SoftPower-app from green to white ( or also other colours ) !? so that oneself could decide whether the icon is in standart-colour green or in white ( or other colours ) in the notification bar !?
    That would be great and I would also pay for this feature if it was available.

    Best greetings from Germany

  4. Hi Nitzan,

    About problems with Nexus4 from your email, i guess it’s because of battery going too low then maybe Nexus4 turn then phone to a state that turn off everything like sleep state(to save battery from completely discharge) so you have to long press button to turn it on again. (Softpower consume power from your battery like other background service even when the screen turn off)
    For dialing problem, i don’t think problem come from softpower.
    Last, glad to hear that you like it.


  5. Great app, the best I’ve seen and used!
    Worked great for my XT910 Motorola Razr.
    It seems that I have some problems with my new LG Nexus 4, hopefully I’ll be able to solve it.

  6. Pat, glad to hear that you like my app. Normally when turn screen on, it’s will open ads screen(autoclose in few secs) then pass to android os. Maybe you didn’t close app before turn screen off so it go to last app.
    Lowest value set to “3” to prevent accidentally turning on.

  7. Sorry Rajender, i never test on your model before. it look like sensor change counting is ok but turn on screen method i use doesn’t work on your phone.

  8. This apps works the best! And it is not draining my battery as similar apps have done. Two questions:

    When I turn on my phone (using proximity sensor) it always comes up to the settings screen for softpower – proximity sensor test. Can that be changed?

    Also the proximity sensor scrollbar adjuster will not stay below “3”. I can set it above 3 but not below. Can that be changed?

  9. i am using Lenovo p700i running ICS. I am unable to wake up yhe screen using this app.
    the app does turn off the screen but can’t wake up using proximity sensors on the phone.
    I have set the scroll bar to least value and the TEST PROXIMITY SENSOR does sense the way it should.
    please help me here and tell me how to use tthis app.

  10. Hi, the power button on my phone stopped working, and this app has saved me. Thank you for that. But I’m wondering if my phone dies, will soft power allow me to turn my phone on? If it will, how do I do it? Touch the proximity sensor? I’m afraid to let my phone die for fear that I won’t be able to turn it back on.

  11. Yosz, thanks for your comment. we always have problem with htc stock rom and will find out how to fix it (if we can:))

  12. Hi, I tried the 1.07. on a HTC one X but it doesn’t awake the device. Also using the SoftPower button in notification switches the screen off only for a second, the screen comes back dimmed and remains running until time out from initiated by the system. As long the screen is stil dimmed the proximity sensor takes effect, later no longer.

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