SoftPower 1.08 release

power_green_icon64 2 days ago SoftPower get new updated. This version we add new feature to change notification icon color to match your  theme.

special thanks to “Nut Klongsong” for his notification icon set 😛 .

SoftPower 1.07 Released

 In last version we merge turn on and off service into one checkbox just want to make it easy to use. But there are requests for separate options and some users don’t want notification to show on their screen. So all requests are served in 1.07

SoftPower 1.06 Released

Still have complaining about can’t uninstall from device. So this version, we add uninstall button  to menu for user who doesn’t know how to disable device administrator.

Another change is starting service will be done as foreground (you will see notification icon on top bar). This icon also can use to turn screen off. This will prevent SoftPower from being killed by android system in low memory circumstance. Have fun.:)

Inventroid released

We just release our new android application on google play, Inventroid. Inventroid is inventory software. It suit for personal usage to keep collection of everything or retail owner to tract his/her stock. Inventroid let you manage and control your stock easily with

  • category
  • vendor
  • location
  • barcode
  • custom tag


SoftPower 1.05 released

Many complaints about phone doesn’t wake up, maybe this because sensitivity of sensor on each device is different or that device doesn’t has proximity sensor 🙂 . So we release 1.05 version to check if sensor exist and add function to test sensor so user will know how many time sensor can detect changing when rubbed on.

new in this version

  • add sensor testing screen
  • add about screen